The best of USA shirt on moteefe 2021 07.04

The best of USA shirt on moteefe 2021 07.04

Well done, u must be proud of your government and yourselves. Shows with the right action it was possible. Puts countries like UK to shame. Maybe if we were 25 millions like Australia and 5 millions like New Zeland distributed in territories with an extension of a continent we could have been in the same position. Anyway good for them. Righto. Closed borders have delivered that but there is a storm coming as soon as borders opened ( which is great). Both governments and delusional state governments in OZ must not lockdown at every single case! Both criticize Europe and other nations – so easy but no focus on the end game. Unprepared both countries unless that knee jerk lockdown ceases. Amazing what happens when the experts suggest something, the government listens and the people hear the truth. Handled it exactly as you would expect island nations to. How we in the UK have managed the death toll we have is beyond me. Obviously, I would expect us to have a bit more than Australia and New Zealand, but the number is staggering.

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