The best of USA shirt on moteefe 2021 06.04

The best of USA shirt on moteefe 2021 06.04

Just five days before Japan surrendered, U.S. officials Dean Rusk and Charles Bonesteel were given the task of delineating the U.S. occupation zone in East Asia. Without consulting any Koreans, they arbitrarily decided to cut Korea roughly in half along the 38th parallel of latitude, ensuring that the capital city of Seoul—the largest city in the peninsula—would be in the American section. Rusk and Bonesteel’s choice was enshrined in General Order No. 1, America’s guidelines for administering Japan in the aftermath of the war. It ll be no gunpowder then, little lady. I fear they ll just nuke your country and not risk the lives if their soldiers.

No doubt Bibi is thinking: Donald Trump made far greater “illegitimate use” of his power, and Congress acquitted him twice. So why the hell am I even on trial! A bit ironic, since it’s my understanding that the BBC Chairman gave £400,000 to The Conservative Party in January of this year.

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